October 24, 2012

lots of smiling faces

one last post of these amazing photos taken by mary of float away studios & we spread the lovewe spread the love is a nonprofit that raises support & awareness for orphans in uganda. they have sweet necklaces, bracelets & purses on their site for sale... profits go to precious children in uganda that need a mommy & daddy (just like our amos a few months ago). 

our Father has been so good to us to make up the barker family of all these smiling faces pictured above. thank You Lord!

giveaway on friday!!!


Jacki said...

I will be more than happy to visit this site. Hope many more will take the time to do so!

britney said...

THOSE ARE PRECIOUS!!! ps. how does jude have blonde hair??? did mike ever have blonde hair? genetics are soo interesting!!!!

la petite lulu said...

Those smiling faces made me smile! Gorgeous!

allison barker said...


brit... i had blonde hair when i was little. :)

Tara said...

Such beautiful pictures! Love them all! Priceless!

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