October 20, 2012

lately grams

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1) tostada for lunch. 2) i'm not into scrapbooking, but i can tape some pictures in a notebook. ;) i'd like to make this a new tradition... a yearly family photo book. 3) polenta crust vegan pizza. i'll have to post the recipe!!! delicious! 4) a boy lost in fall. 5)-11) my sister flew into chicago for a conference & we only live a couple hours from chicago sooooo the boys & myself took a little trip! it was crazy & at moments i thought i was going to lose my mind, but i didn't & we all survived & i was sanctified & we got to see aunt brandy! 5)-7) the boys & i went to brookfield zoo for their free day. hardly anyone was there & they had a blast. 8) our sweet sweet friend clara is at school in chicago so we got to have dinner with her. she babysat jude when he was little so he pretty much thinks she's the greatest. 10) sweet sister that put up with our craziness! 11) jude is getting into legos & we are loving it!!! 12) i got to hold this little nephew today! 
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude & i are going back to chicago soon!!! we get to spend more time with clara & her mom & some other friends that are coming up from memphis. 
*then some of our dearest dearest friends from memphis 
are coming to visit us in mi!!!!!!!
*my brother is flying up for thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
he has no idea how excited i am!
*i'm so grateful my husband is almost caught up on his seminary work. 
i've missed him!
*found a way to watch season 3 of downton abbey... favorite!
*sammy calls aunt brandy, "bran brie".
*jude & i were talking about hair & he says, "i do not like curly hair, i like beautiful hair." i ask him, "what is beautiful hair?" he says, "yours." ha! i love my boy & the way he thinks!
*i have a date night planned with my man!
*gonna make this yummy soup tomorrow!
i'd love to see any lately grams you may have on your blog. post the link in the comments below. :)

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HeeWho said...

Your post inspired my latest. Always enjoy your photos. :)


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