October 13, 2012

lately grams

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1) fall colors! 2) picnic on a cold day. 3) i wore them out! ;) 4) plum & tea. 5) our drive to mackinac island. 6) the 3 musketeers. 7) yum! 8) i LOVE this picture! i want to just sit there! 9) cute gate. 10) governors 2nd home. 11) ahhh! mackinac was beautiful! 12) cousins! 13) fall walk. 14) 5 cousins sittin on a bench. 15) more of the 3 musketeers. 16) checkout we spread the love! 17) sensory activity w rice & hidden animals. 18) skies & clouds. 19) family photo album project. 20) date night w this silly face. raw/vegan cheesecake!
funny/favorite/current things...
*our family trip to mackinac island was beautiful! 
*jude LOVES to sing! his favorite songs to sing right now... "Home" & "I will wait". cute boy.
*jude calls barnes & noble, "barnes & novel".
*& he calls legos, "legros".
*sammy repeats everything we say! pretty cute!
*amos tries to boss his big brothers. if they're fighting... he goes up to them & points & says, "NO". crazy kid.
*i'm taking all 3 of our boys to visit my sister in chicago! excited!!!
*then i'm going again w jude to visit friends from memphis! yay!
*we're enjoying all these travels & family & friends. 
*WE'RE RENTING A HOUSE IN LOUISVILLE!!!!!! we'll be moving in the next month!!!! so excited for what's next!


Jennifer said...

just recently stumbled onto your blog and it's so beautiful. i just read that you'll be renting a home in louisville. i'm assuming you mean louiville, ky? that's where i'm from! louisville is an amazing city with some awesome things to do. enjoy it and if you have any questions about the city don't hesitate to ask me :)

allison barker said...

thanks jennifer! we're soooo excited to move to louisville! my husband is going to southern seminary!

allison barker said...

what's your advice on good things to do with kids? what about for dates? family days?

Jennifer said...

wow, that's awesome! my husband graduated from boyce and also from southern with his MDiv. southern is beautiful! we actually just moved to chattanooga (from florida) to help launch Sojourn Chattanooga. we moved away from Louisville in jan 2010 and we had kids after we moved but here are some things i hope to do there with my kids when i'm in town.
1-waterfront is awesome. it's just a beautiful place to hang out, picnic, you name it.
2-the zoo is always a great option
3-bernheim park is beautiful (it's out in bullitt county, but worth the drive)
4-huber's is up in starlight, in and it's a great place to visit during the fall/ lots of pumpkins, apple cider, petting zoo, and yummy food.
5-bardstown road (in the highlands) is a neat place to hang out and walk around. very eclectic and free to walk around. lots of cool and interesting things on bardstown road in the highlands area.
here are my suggestions for date nights...
2-lots of amazing restaurants: havana rumba's (cuban), ramsi's cafe (mediterranean i believe), really almost anything in the highlands :) there's lots of cool places over by seminary as well.
3-there are art walks on the first friday and last friday of the month (at least there were when we lived there) one is on market and the other is on frankfurt ave.
i can let you know if i think of anything else :) seriously though, if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me as it sounds like we might have a lot in common :) my email is spoonfulofsunshine@yahoo.com
i'm actually curious about your adoption story, just different details about i and so forth.

allison barker said...

thanks! our new house is right off of bardstown!!!!

Our Green Nest said...

Your boys are just adorable! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Dominic Duncan said...

It seems like your family loves traveling a lot. If you happen to visit Florida I know a low payinglet leeds here with a lot of panoramic and scenic views. Good luck in your new home in Louisville!

Daniel Goddard said...

The photos are superb. I like on how you adjusted the contrast, it appears hazy and that brings a nostalgic effect on the pictures.

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