October 5, 2012

lately grams (nyc edition)

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1) cab ride from the airport. 2) sister's ivy covered window. 3) alice's tea cup. 4) skyline from brooklyn. 5) quinoa bbq falafel from a vendor at the smorgasburg. 6) williamsburg farmers market. 7)-8) THE BEST honeycrisp apples we've ever had! 9) had to get some babycakes! 10) subway rides. 11) beyond sushi for lunch. 12) decaf soy chai. 13) union square. 14) buildings. ;) 15) oh my goodness gracious!!!! lula's vegan ice cream! 16) tired feet & refreshed heart. 17)-18) champs vegan diner for some brunch. 19)-20) views from a walk in williamsburg. 21) foodswings for soy milkshakes & a veggie slider. goodness! 22)-24) kings county salvage. amazing little shop. 25) sister's place. 26)-28) up on the roof. 29) washington square. 30) dun well doughnuts before i flew out. 
funny/favorite/current things...
*we ate the most amazing food while i was in nyc & a lot of it. & i totally gained a few pounds... & it was worth it! 
*these are my favorite snack!
*it did my heart a whole lot of good to be away for a few days & spend time with my sister!
*i was so blessed to meet a sweet lady who's husband went to seminary & was discipled by john piper. she had 3 little ones when he was in seminary & she was a great encouragement to me!
*my guys surprised me at the airport with flowers!!! i LOVE getting flowers! i think because my dad always bought my mom flowers & i remember thinking it was the coolest thing when i was little. :) 
*i love the changing colors of fall!! wish it lasted longer!
*so excited to have the first "barker family trip" this weekend! we're going to mackinac island!
*then a short trip to chicago with jude to see some friends. sooooo many travels lately... i'm alright with it. ;)



britney said...


Our Green Nest said...

WOW I'm so jealous of the vegan donuts you ate!! Oh man. I would love one of those RIGHT NOW. :)

allison barker said...

i know it brit!

the donuts were the best i've ever had!!!!

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