October 16, 2012


oh how i pray they stick together through everything that faces them in this life.
i pray they are best friends & can always talk to each other. 
i pray they love each other well & look out for one another.
i pray they come to know our Father in the next few years 
& they would cling to Him always.
i pray they challenge each other & hold each other accountable. 
i pray they give each other different eyes of perspective & that they won't belittle the other for seeing things differently. 
i pray they are brothers in Christ more than just brothers.

what sweet boys i have.

give me grace Lord to see things the way You do. 
give me patience & steadiness.
teach me how to point them to You in everything.


justicepirate.com said...

I so hope the same for my sons. This is a wonderful prayer.

allison barker said...


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