October 6, 2012

be encouraged

just wanted to share a few songs that have such rich truths in them. be encouraged. 
i need to be encouraged. :) let Him sing His peace over you. 
we are so in need of Him & He is so good & so gracious & forgiving!
have a blessed weekend, full of His grace for yourself & others. 


Our Green Nest said...

Love Hillsong. I especially needed this encouragment this morning, tu!

constanze linnea said...

Oh I love "Cornerstone". So so true. And so good to remember this every day. Thanks for sharing!


justicepirate.com said...

I can't get into Hillsong much, but I think that is because I listen to so many underground Christian bands that are lesser known and have a problem with prosperity gospel that Hillsong is known for. Eek! I listened to the last song though!! Have you ever heard of the band Seryn? You might enjoy that a lot. The All Sons & Daughters song you posted was removed, but I'll listen to it on spotify as I stay on your page for a second (back, it is REALLY pretty!! Love it). Some other great bands that play Christian music you might enjoy is Rue Royale, Rivers & Robots, Great Awakening, Kenosis, The Modern Post, Satelites & Sirens, Abel, Constant Recourse, and Ben Rosenbush.

allison barker said...

thanks for the band names. i'll check them out. i'm not big on hillsong either. don't agree with them theologically, but they have some really great truths in their songs. :)

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