October 10, 2012

adoption & the gospel pt 5

look at those sweet little faces. they need a mommy & daddy. they are alone & scared & hungry & have to look out for themselves. this was us before God called us His own. we had no one & nothing. we were scared & alone.
but He gave us His name. He changed our orphan name to our adopted name. His sons & daughters. changing Amos's name is such a picture of our adoption in Christ. the old is gone... the new has come! we have to learn to walk in the identity the Father has given us & remember that we don't have to look out for ourselves. He left the 99 to come after the 1 & He cares for us!!!

praise the Lord He changed our name! He called us! He rescued us!
we are His! never to be called "orphan child" again.

 "You have called us loved & You have called us wanted."

pt 1pt 2pt 3 & pt 4.

(photo of amos & myself was taken by mary. she's wonderful! 
more of her photos of our family to come soon. ;))


christina marie said...

that last picture is sooooo beautiful! you're just lovely, al!

Brittney Lynn Stasi said...

I'll take both of them!! Amen!

Mrs. K said...

Just found your blog and I'm so excited. My husband is a pastor and we just had our first child this month. BUT we are going to pursue adoption in the next coming months. I love your adoption and the gospel series. AMEN is all I have to say to everything. So encouraged!

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