September 15, 2012

sweet caroline

5 years ago today our beautiful caroline eloise went 
home to be with our good good Savior.
(read more here)

our Father is so good & His ways are beyond us. we trust Him, He's so worthy of our praise & our lives. there is none like Him! oh goodness we miss our girl, we grieve that we don't get to be her mommy & daddy for years. we don't get to see her grow & just be a girl... but it is for His glory & our good that He took her home. we rejoice in His purposes for us. thank You Father for caroline's sweet life... be glorified! comfort us in our sadness & bring us your joy. use our story to draw others to You.

thank you to our dear dear friends the gales
for putting flowers on caroline's grave!


Brittney Lynn Stasi said...

Oh my goodness!! tears! I just read the whole story! I have been having a hard time lately this really puts my life in perspective! How did you ever get over it!? Tears...
Thank you for sharing you are truly an inspiration!!

allison barker said...

thanks friend! only by the grace of God!!!!!

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