September 8, 2012

lately grams

1)-9) we went to oklahoma to visit our friends that the Lord graciously put in our lives while we were in uganda!! they blessed us so so much while we were there! 4) on the train at the tulsa zoo. august, shane, forest, sarah, moses, mariam (who u can't see), random lady & then mike & amos. ;) 5) the best idea mike & i had for blessing our friends in return was to make meals for everyone! mike made his delicious banana coconut pancakes! 7) look at all those brown babies! 8) sweet sweet friend! it's so good to have a friend who's living what you're living & can relate. 9) sammy & mariam shenanigans. 10) trips to the grocery store look like this these days. i make everyone stay in their seats or it would be absolute mayhem. ha.
funny/favorite/current things...
*MY NEW NEPHEW ROWAN IS HERE!!! he was born yesterday & he's so so so so sweet!!! my boys can't stop talking about him. jude calls him, "whoa-when".
*i'm just so proud of my husband for all the work he's doing on his seminary classes! SO PROUD!
*love that my boys are getting more independent so it's easier to be out by myself with them.
*really really excited for a trip to louisville & nashville!!!!!!!!! during that trip we will get to see my dad & brother, & 3 dear dear families that are coming from memphis to see us!!!!
*this is more of a "current" thing than a "favorite" thing, although it is a little funny. ;) sammy & amos are currently teething. they both have their 2 year molars coming in. wow wow wow we have some fussy boys. WE NEED GRACE & hylands teething tablets & hylands teething gel & tylenol!
*after i've explained something to jude & then he realizes i'm right he actually says, "oh, you right mommy". such a funny boy.
*i gave jude some juice in a new cup i bought for him & he exclaimed, "funny o cup i never seen". haha.
*jude tries to interpret what sammy or amos are telling me or just what he thinks they want. sometimes he gets it. sometimes he's just telling me what he really wants. ;)
*jude & sammy are becoming such good buddies. i think some of that is due to them sleeping in the same room together. they'll play for forever just imagining together. 
*sammy will run off & wave his hand at jude & amos & say, "mon" (come on).
*sammy puts his hand on his hip when he's showing me something or feels like he's being big.
*amos, "gucky" (yucky).
*we shaved amos's head & now he touches his head & smiles & says, "heh" (head).
this little shop,
& ah i want everything from here,
& i want to want to want to buy this,
this! :)

happy saturday!

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