September 28, 2012

lately grams

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1) beautiful skies. our God is so great! 2) gf trader joe's snicker doodles & decaf chai in soy. so yum! 3) kitchen sink & some fall decor. 4) i'll say it again... READ THIS BOOK. 5)-6) picnic lunch. 7) brother feet. 8) honeycrisp apple with pb for lunch. 9) i got time with sweet baby rowan & his momma a few nights ago. 
10) michigan country.

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funny/favorite/current things...
*I AM CURRENTLY ON MY WAY TO SEE MY BIG SISTER IN NYC!!!!!!!!!!! seriously been excited about this for months & now it's happening! the Lord's timing is so perfect... i really need this little retreat right now.
*one of my current favorite things... that my husband is letting me do the above! he has a TON of homework & he's still excited for me to have this time with my sister. THANK U BABY!
*we got a package in the mail the other day & jude wanted to pop the big air pocket things... he asked, "can i bubble these?" ha
*jude is always talking about when he gets bigger & when he becomes a daddy. if i tell him we can't do something right now, he'll say, "but when i be a daddy i will do that." cracks me up!
*jude & i have this cute little chant that we came up with while we were in uganda. i think it became a lot of comfort to jude while our whole time there was so different & uncomfortable & not normal for him. i say (in like a singing/chanting voice), "jude, you're my favorite jude in the whole wide world." & then he says, "mommy, you're my favorite mommy in the whole wide world." then he wants us to go through sammy, amos & daddy. ;)
*the other morning sammy just wanted to sit on the couch & cuddle with me. we sat there for about 15 minutes. I LOVED IT! he reminds me of me when i was little. i just wanted my mommy to hold me... even when i got older i LOVED hugs from her, they were so comforting.
*amos makes the funniest faces. lately i've been catching him, not looking at anyone, just smiling as big & as awkwardly as he can. it's hilarious.
*sammy & amos have been wanting me to read books to them a lot lately! they haven't really been into books till now. the best part... amos wants me to read THE SAME BOOK over & over & over again. ;)
have any lately grams you'd like to share? i'm thinking about starting a weekly linkup... anyone interested?

3 comments: said...

I read One Thousand Gifts, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I was hoping to. I loved the beginning of it and then it got slightly boring. >.< It did inspire me to write one thousand blessings down in a book each day over the past few months (I'm in the 200s only, but it is a start).
Your family is beautiful. That's great that you got to visit your sister.

Our Green Nest said...

Love all of them and hope you're having a blessed time with your sister! Sisters are the best! :)

allison barker said...


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