September 23, 2012

lately grams

1)-3) our dearest friends met us in nashville last weekend for some much needed fellowship! i cannot tell you how blessed we are by these 2 families! amos loved having the crazy olinger kids around. ;) 4) my sammy & i watching some football at grandmom & granddad's house. he loves to cuddle & he's loving mommy a lot lately... i'm LOVING IT!

didn't have much time for instagram this week (obviously)!

funny/favorite/current things...
*jude is growing up way too fast! he's such a little man & i LOVE the way he talks!
*sammy words... "yeP", "noPe" & "nun" (run).
*amos HATES getting out of the bath. he's always the first one out & the whole time i'm getting him cleaned up at ready for bed... he yells non stop. silly boy.
*i adore my husband's grandmom! i'm so blessed to have her in my life! i love to listen to her talk, even though she has to deal with us getting interrupted a lot by 3 little boys. & i love that our caroline has her great grandmom's name in her name... caroline eLOISe. :)
*i'm grateful for my aunt pam (my mom's sister) who encourages me so much in my walk with the Lord & gives me a lot of grace & reminds me of the grace i need for myself!
*i'm so so so so sooooooo proud of my husband who's working a part time job & taking seminary classes!!!!!!!!!!! don't know how he does it... glad he can operate on less sleep than i can. ;)

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