September 16, 2012

lately grams

i'm a little behind this week. i usually don't post on the weekends, but we were pretty busy during the middle of this week with traveling & looking for a new car. so... here goes.

1)-2) family night. downtown grand rapids. 3) picnic w the 3 sweetest little guys i know! 4) daddy & jude went to their first nfl game! 5) sammy turned 2 & i cannot believe it! 6) sammy ate his birthday cupcake w a straw! silly boy! 7) picnic dinner for sammy's birthday party. yum! 8) our friend mary took some family photos for us. cannot wait to see them! 9) amos snoozin on his trip with mommy & daddy to the south for the weekend. :) 10) southern seminary! praying our house sells so we can move in december! 11) our new pediatrician in louisville. this picture was before he got shots. :( 12) THE BEST indian food i've ever eaten!!!!
funny/favorite/current things...
*"mommy, this is my fwave-wit song." i'm not sure how it's possible, but almost anything that jude likes is his "fwave-wit". ;)
*jude was at the nfl game with daddy, the 3rd quarter was about to start & he exclaimed, "let's do this"!
*sammy just started saying, "i love you"... "duh-due".
*during our trip (we had to leave the big brothers at home with grandmom) amos has been calling jude's name trying to figure out where he is, "jew".
*i was taking a nap in the car during our trip down... i woke up & looked back at amos in the back seat & he just smiled at me & waved. :)
*amos hums the melody to "Jesus loves me" ALL THE TIME! super cute! 
*"kai"..."car" for amos.
*i LOVE that all 3 of our boys call blankets "night nights" & they call each other "bubba"!

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