September 25, 2012

camping & family time

jude & daddy went camping in the backyard a few weeks ago. mommy & the little boys joined in for the fire & roasting of marshmallows (i cannot believe i ever liked those nasty things). here are some photos of our adventure.
IMG_0230IMG_0234IMG_0232IMG_0236IMG_0235IMG_0239IMG_0243IMG_0245IMG_0247IMG_0261IMG_0238IMG_0253IMG_0272IMG_0268IMG_0283PicMonkey Collage
discussed it with mike... & we're gonna build this for the boys' Christmas present (maybe not as girlie)! :) also, in the next month we're going to plan a family "sleep over" in our living room! we'll bake cookies, make some popcorn on the stove, have a dance party, sit around our fireplace & talk & laugh & be silly, watch a movie & then we'll all fall asleep on the floor together. hopefully the boys won't think it's going to be a normal thing. ha. ;)

what are some of your favorite adventures?
what new adventures would you like to have with your family?

hi to all my lovely new followers from cakies! welcome!!!
i'll be doing a giveaway in the next week or 2 so be ready for that! ;)


Rachel Reeves said...

I love these photos and their foggy, smokey texture.
Beautiful family moments, indeed!

allison barker said...

thanks rachel!

Havis said...

found you via Cakies. LOVE your blog, so glad to have found you. I'm an adoptive mother who seeks after God's heart and I'm thankful for people like you who share the ups and downs. Looking forward to following you.

allison barker said...

thanks so much! glad you're here!!! :)

Brittney Lynn Stasi said...

Great Idea I have been thinking about doing this with our kids... think I will have to do it now!

isabel said...

amzing pictures of a so it seems amazing camping backyard trip :) said...

I hope your teepee building goes well. I would love to figure out how to do that for my boys too. Your kids are such amazing little guys and it is great that you got to have a mini camping adventure with them. I love roasting popcorn the realllly old way like that. Have a great time.

Family adventures. . .hmm I don't know if my adventures are so much of adventures with them or not, but I just like being with my sons and my husband in general. I don't understand a few parents who do whatever they can to constantly get away from their kids or make it seem like the children are burdens. :(


allison barker said...


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