August 17, 2012

lately grams

1)-3) we went to cadillac (where my husband grew up) last weekend... saturday afternoon was gorgeous! we had a family picnic by a cool old train. 4) on a double date w my brother & sister-in-law for sushi! yum! (the lighting was awful so the picture isn't so great) 5) crazy face rolling around on the floor. 6) great old chair that mike's aunt bought at an estate sale & passed on to us. 
funny/favorite/current things...
*when jude is really enjoying something, ANYTHING like a waffle, a toy, an outing... he'll exclaim, "mommy, this my good birfday". so i guess "birfdays" (i.e. birthdays) equal anything good/fun/enjoyable. ;)
*i LOVE how jude loves his brothers. he talks so sweet to them (most of the time). he'll tell strangers, as he points to sammy or amos, "this my little brother". 
*jude knows all (with some help on a few) his letter sounds! yay, leapfrog video & your catchy alphabet song. ;)
*our sweet sammy has been waking up from bedtime & nap time way too early & then he's so grumpy & falls asleep too early for nap. crazy boy. he was so tired 2 days ago at lunch that he was pointing to his room & fussing. mike took him to his room & he fell right asleep.
*sammy has an elmo doll that he won't go anywhere without. this elmo is getting quite discolored & we can't wash him. i've been trying to get him to like a different/washable stuffed animal, but he's not having it. 
*amos is serious about food. if he sees anyone eating or it even looks like i'm getting food ready he drops whatever is in his hand to get his hands free for food.
*amos is a copy cat... pretty much he does whatever his brothers are doing. :) at least he has some pretty great examples. 
*whenever the boys ask me for more snack or help with a toy i ask them for a kiss. not that i won't help them if they don't give me a kiss, but why not get one when they're close. :)
what are some of your funny/favorite/current things?
happy weekend & time with your family!


Marisha said...

Have you tried the "" website? It's a fun way to learn about the alphabet and it's free! They have a cute little song to teach the sounds as well. God bless!

Christa said...

-Jeremiah will nicely take his glasses off when he wants to wrestle or do summersalts on the couch.
- Jeremiah will be running by & stop what he is doing just to admire Joseph & give him some lovin.
- James is starting to speak some words and boy do I love his voice!!!! He says "thank you"(kinda) ;) and "yeah" to every question you ask him & he pretty much calls everyone dadda! :)
- James is stealth like & can quickly move from one room to another or climb up onto the kitchen table without you ever knowing until its to late.
-Joseph- I love how he loves to be held.
He's also really serious about working on holding his head up. He works on this a few times a day!!!


allison barker said...

thanks for the resource marisha!

i love it christa!!! :)

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