August 10, 2012

lately grams

1) ordered & excited to read this book & this book! 2)-4) date day with my guy in manistee. last time we were here we were just dating. 3) the antique store that mike bought our bedroom side tables as a gift for me when we were dating! 5) cute chubby cheeks. feisty little boy about to say "no". ;) 6) he's so into bikes right now. 7) amos & mommy feet. 8) taco leftovers & berry le croix for lunch. 9) family picnic sunshine. 10) brothers on their first real train ride.
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude remembers EVERYTHING!!! i told him about when i was little i had a cat & yesterday he just started talking about the cat i had when i was little. silly/smart boy.
*a few days ago jude was talking about how he misses our "old home"... i told him mommy does too. :(
*sammy YELLS when he sees a "BOAT", a "BIKE" or "WAHWAH" (water, like a pond). the best part is... he goes right back to quietly sucking his finger after he yells. :)
*sammy used to suck his pointer finger until he got an infection on that finger & had a bandaid on it. he moved to his ring finger & he won't switch back... i've tried to get him to.
*amos is doing soooooo well! it's crazy & amazing & so the Lord how he feels like he fits right in our family. it feels like he's always been with us. 
*my heart & love for amos are growing so large! praise the Lord!
*our sweet jude has a little bit of a lazy left eye & just the other day we noticed it turning in for the first time. taking him in for a checkup next week. 
*i'm loving yard sales/thrift stores/antique stores/etsy... i'd be ok with never buying new house stuff/clothes/toys again!
these little activities look like they will keep sammy & amos
busy while i'm working on "school" with jude!
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christiems said...

My 3 (almost 4) year-old has an eye problem too. His eyes take turns going's called esotropia. We go to a vision therapist and do exercises there and at home to get his brain to communicate to his eyes better. Jude's diagnosis might be different, but if it's the same thing let me know and I can fill you in on lots of stuff :).

allison barker said...

hey! i'd love any info u can pass on!!!

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