August 3, 2012

lately grams

1) downloaded this free printout (i like her etsy shop so much) & put it up on my wall with this. 2) some scalloped (vegan) potatoes, kale chips, cucumbers & baked falafel with vegan ranch. so yum! 3) great great great yard sale/antique store finds! 4) some sweet little sketches of some sweet little faces. 5) beautiful country! 6) little boys' breakfast. 7)-8) we went to the airport viewing area for a picnic. they thought it was pretty amazing... so did mom & dad. :) 9) picnic with the cousins & aunt rachel. 10) 3 crazy boys that didn't get the memo not to wake up at 6:40!!!! 11) coast guard festival in grand haven, mi. jude thought the ships were incredible! 12) lighthouse on grand haven's pier on lake mi. there's a beach & stuff... but nowhere near as beautiful as the panhandle. ;)
funny/favorite/current things...
*2 sweet littles broke mommy's glasses so i went to the eye doc yesterday to get a new prescription & ordered my free home try-on glasses from warby parker!!!
*i LOVEEEEE that my husband is my biggest blogging fan!!!! :)
*i know i've said it, but i'll say it again... READ THIS BOOK!!!!
*jude is finally fully potty trained!!! so so so so sooooo proud of him! he had a few traumatic experiences over the past 1 1/2 years we've been working on it... next time i potty train a little one i'm going to wait till they're ready. it will save me a lot of unnecessary stress. ;)
*i'm just adoring jude! he's becoming such a big boy! he helps his brothers & cares for them so well. sammy loves boats & yells it out whenever he sees one... tonite in the car jude said, "SAMMY, look a boat!!!"
*sammy is sooooo feisty & sooooooo stubborn! ha!
*sammy is eating us out of house & home! oh my goodness i don't know what we're going to do when our boys become teenagers & eat a ton more than they do right now. ;) i guess i just won't eat. lol
*amos is into yelling the whole time we're in the car. the funny part... he yells like chants. the same words over & over in rhythm. another musician. 
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