August 25, 2012

frozen berry treat

my sweet friend leah (that i miss so so much since moving to mi, leah makes me laugh A LOT) made this treat for our small group like forever ago. well, we stole her recipe & have used it on nights when we're wanting something sweet, but know we shouldn't have a lot of sugar & bad stuff. ;) so here's her recipe for a yummy frozen berry treat...

you gotta have:
*1c frozen berries 
(we use the kind from costco that doesn't have strawberries in it)
*1Tbs almond butter
*1Tbs maple syrup (or to taste)

*combine the ingredients
*let it sit for a few minutes to melt some
*mash it with a potato masher
*serve it up & enjoy w a spoon
(this is only about 1 serving... double it if you'll be sharing w a friend)



christina marie said...

tried to pin this recipe to try it out later, but it wont let me. :(

allison barker said...

oh sad

britney said...

that would be gooooood on toast or a bagel!!!! mmmmm.

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