August 2, 2012

everyday discipling & other notes

(embracing the camera here)
i love love love this sweet big boy! he's growing way too fast! 
just look how much he's changed since this
mike & i have made a new rotation for date nights/guy nights with the boys. 
so the first week i take jude on a date, next week mike takes sammy on a guy night, next week i take amos, next week mike takes jude, etc. it's so fun & i think it's so important for each of them to get time w just mommy & daddy away from brothers. :) when jude & i are alone he talks up a storm (he does that when brothers are around too, but i can listen & respond to him more when they aren't)! i love being able to teach him & ask him what's going on in his sweet little head. 
i often think that i wish i had more one on one time with each boy to train them & disciple them... but really this is the season the Lord has us in... 3 crazy, loud, easily distracted boys. & i'm not going to get hours a day with just jude to instruct his heart. so i've GOT to learn, by the grace of God, how to disciple him all day long. to teach his heart about the goodness of the Lord when we are playing with cars or making lunch. i need direction on this... does anyone know of any good books on how to practically disciple your children in the middle of the craziness of life?? :)
my AMAZING husband bought me a plane ticket (with money he made from selling some stuff on craigslist) to go see my sister in nyc! i CANNOT wait! it will be such a sweet & much needed retreat for this momma! (my trip to nyc in jan.)
i'm thinking about going to THIS!
have a happy happy, grace filled thursday!
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CQ| said...

Cute collage. It's a good plan you got to spend some one on one with your boys.

Alexis said...

I love your idea of individual dates. I wish I had a good book. We are dealing with something similar with our oldest and I have been looking for a good one too!

raisingrainbows said...

i know date nights with the kids are priceless. i've got to commit to this!!! thanks for the reminder :)

the world so sweet said...

love dates with the kids. they really are such a special time with just one :). Have so much fun with your sister. I did the exact same thing last month with my sister- it was the best.

skatieperdue said...

"shepherding your child's heart" is AWESOME! super practical and so full of great scripture.

Allie Smith said...

A friend of ours co-authored this. I've only read excerpts, since I've only girls! Check out the site I'm not sure if it's what you are looking for. Also, our friend Kennon Vaughan, founder of Downline, his wife has written some blogs & they have three young boys! They are super intentional about discipleship in the home!

@Kathryn_Vaughan & @KennonVaughan on twitter


allison barker said...

thanks friends!

christiems said...

I wasn't going to leave a comment cause I didn't have anything to add, but I just read this post and thought it appropriate:

She also a book that is super great:

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