August 9, 2012

celebrate the Lord in them

(embracing the camera here)

in this super book (that i finished reading a few weeks ago) CJ talks about teaching our children what true greatness is (i blogged more about that here). he challenges us, "if you're a parent, don't celebrate anything more than you celebrate godly character in your children."
i want to be better at going all out & celebrating the grace of God in their lives that they are reflecting His character. more than learning the alphabet, eating their vegetables, running fast, riding a bike... i want to throw a party when their sweet little lives are looking more & more like their Savior! & remind them that it is ONLY by His grace anyway that they are able to do ANY good.
i got these sweet little earrings in the mail the other day...
i've been wearing them ever since.
so cute!!! check out my friend courtney's etsy shop here!
& show her some love. :) these are my favorite!
& before you go, take a look at this beautiful little shop!
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Erika said...

That is our main job.If we fail at that,we fail as parents!Loved this post!Beautiful picture too !:)visiting from Embrace the camera link up.

tasha said...

What a beautiful blog and picture... And a great reminder of what is most important to focus on and celebrate in our littles.

Wendy said...

What a great reminder to celebrate the good our children and beauty of the Lord, they show to others! Great picture, looks like a wonderful place to be :)

Alexis said...

Such wise and true words. What a great reminder!

allison barker said...

thanks for visiting ladies!!

The Smiths said...

Stopping by from Embrace the Camera. This is such a great post and so true. Your picture is great as well.

Brandi said...

So true, lovely pic!

allison barker said...

thanks thanks

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