August 8, 2012

calling him to manhood

this sweet sweet boy. our 3 1/2 year old, oldest brother, curly headed, funny man, jude michael. i'm just so blessed by him. he's maturing so much & caring for our family well. he asks if i'm ok if i get hurt. he picks out toys for his brothers & takes them to them. he says the most intelligent/witty things all day long. how in the world is he growing so fast? only by the grace of God that there is any good in him. michael & i are seeing that we need to challenge him more, encourage him in his servanthood, in taking care of his brothers & setting an example for them... calling him to manhood. thank You, Father for this precious boy!
*i want to read this book (in regards to the above subject)
*this one also looks good
*cute little things
*my funny funny dad & his wife robin are coming to MI for a visit!!!
*going on a trip to OK to see some dear friends
enjoy your midweek!
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britney said...

let's skype this week!!! text me when you are free!

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