July 19, 2012

silly faces & a new blog design

(embracing the camera here)
look at these sweet sweet earrings!
i pretty much want all of them!
the shop owner is a friend of mine so please support her! :)
if you're a regular to my blog you'll notice i've made a few changes.
or i should say... my husband made a few changes.
i came up with the design... he made it happen!
so look around a little bit & get comfortable.
a few tips:
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thanks friends! i'm glad you're here!


Brandi said...

Seriously adorable pictures! I'll be checking out your blog, looks awesome!

CQ| said...

Pictures are just awesome. Lol. Love the blog.

Alexis said...

Love the new design.

Sarah Grace Chastain said...

super cute blog! and little boys in glasses melt my heart everytime...adorable! :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

Cute photo!
And I love the new design. Very nice!

britney said...

looks loooovely.

allison barker said...

thanks friends!!!

raisingrainbows said...

LOVE the new look!!! And pretty dang adorable pics :)

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