July 26, 2012


(we're embracing the camera here)
on our first date ALONE in 3 months!!! 
since we got amos we've been keeping him close to help with attachment. 
he's doing really well so we decided to see how he did away from us for a few hours. 
he did great & mommy & daddy NEEDED it!!! hallelujah!!!
we ate one of the most delicious meals i've ever eaten, enjoyed some chocolates, decaf chai in soy milk & walked around anthropologie. talking & taking it easy & not have a little one to tend to is so refreshing... life giving really! 
have you ever had a day, or days, that you are just at the end of yourself?? 
ahhhh... i have had a few recently.
i get so angry with the boys, so impatient, so tired of being mommy.
& then the enemy lies to me & i let despair kick in. 
"i've always been like this. i'll never be able to change. i can't do it!"

HE IS SANCTIFYING ME!!!!!!! praise the Lord!
He never gives up on me! He feels no anger toward me when i sin against Him.
by His grace i repent & try again (in His grace).
it is through Him alone that i do anything good at all.
nothing good resides in me. it is true... i can't do it! i NEED HIM every moment!

be encouraged by J.I. Packer's words. 

i've got to get this book!

be blessed mommies, sisters, friends. rest in His grace & great love & forgiveness that you've already received. we need Him! we are so so weak.
take a look at these sweet little quilts!!! wish they weren't so expensive. ;)
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lb said...

i'm so glad you had that time together.

and i am so thankful for His grace; that He feels no anger towards us, that we can do nothing good on our own at all. preaching the Gospel to OURSELVES daily, we need Him every moment, amen.

Alexis Reuther said...

Yay for a date night! Glad it went well.

HoboBaby said...

"i've always been like this. i'll never be able to change. i can't do it!" Um, were you a fly on the wall while I wrote, rewrote and deleted that bummer post last night? So glad you got to go out. My hubby comes home in 5 days. We need to go out :)

raisingrainbows said...

I love that you two are so committed to date night. My husband and I go out for date night once a week. It's so easy to get caught up in our roles as parents, that it's easy to neglect our roles and commitments to one another as a couple. It's also good for our 2 girls to see the love and courting that goes into our date nights. Great photo, as always :)

Tara said...

yay for date night! Great post! :) Listening to your video now! :)

Kara said...

Yay for date night! I am so glad it went well for you all :)

Laura said...

I found your blog via Emily's Embrace the Camera link up. You have such a precious family! Africa holds a special place in my heart <3

Glad you two got some time alone and that it went well, both for you and Amos!


Heidi said...

He IS sanctifiying us, thanks for the reminder! I'm glad you got out for a bit of refreshment with your man. A couple hours away from the kids really helps you want to go back doesn't it?

Emily Kate said...

Woot woot, us mommas need our sanity times with our men, glad you had a night out.:)

Boni Lady said...

happy {embrace the camera} day! date nights are the best! glad you got to enjoy a night out with your love AND capture a pic of you two together!!

photo:britt said...

So glad you got to have a date night! Those can be lifesavers for mommies sometimes. :) I really appreciated your encouragement in this post. I had "one of those" days yesterday and felt just awful (because you already feel awful, and so you act awful, which makes you feel more awful, and on the vicious circle spins....). I'm grateful though that my hubby is so understanding and my son so loving even when I'm snappy.

photo:britt said...

PS! Those quilts are ADORABLE!!! Now I'm in a quilting mood! LOL :D

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