July 24, 2012

my heart is growing

praise the Lord my heart & love for amos are growing!
he's feeling more & more like our son.
i expected to feel the love for him that
i felt for jude & sammy immediately.
but adoption is soooooo different. 
mike keeps telling me that it's different for daddies 
when their babies are born. 
a daddy doesn't feel the instant love 
& connection to the baby that the mommy does.

when we had jude & sammy i had 9 months 
of carrying them in my belly. 
when they were born i felt a deep deep love for them. 
that i would die for them. mike didn't feel that 
right away w the 2 of them. 

so my love for amos is growing slowly... & it's ok. 
i do love him dearly. amazing that the Lord still 
has more love to grow in me for him. 
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Nicole said...

Yup. Both of my babies were adopted and although I did love them right away, it took a few months for it to settle in that they were MINE and that kind of love to blossom. But it does, and it's GOOD! Praise the Lord!

Marisha said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. You're family is precious and that picture of Amos is soooo cute, I think I chuckled out loud. :)

allison barker said...

thank u nicole... it's good to hear it's been this way for other adoptive families too. it is so good!
thanks marisha!!

Cassie Marshall said...

I'm loving your blog! I'm not married or even thinking about kids, but I know I want to adopt and your candidness and love for your little man are so encouraging. Thank you.

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