July 27, 2012

lately grams

1)-3) hot air balloon jubilee in jackson, mi. THE coolest thing we've done as a family. 4) jude & i went on a date to hear the symphony & watch the story of goldilocks & the 3 bears. 5) who in the world is this big boy??!! 6) dinner...yummy corn on the cob, green beans & buffalo tempeh! 7) first date ALONE in 3 months!!! 8) one of the best meals i've ever eaten at this great little place. 9) crafts with cousins & aunt rachel. 10) jude was beyond excited when he got this sweet gift from his buddy eden! 11) this boy LOVES to use his imagination. 12) these 2 are becoming more like twins. they're only 2 months apart. :)
funny/favorite/current things...
*when jude thinks something is cool he says, "it's cool & healthy". LOL!
*jude LOVES to look at books... sammy has started sitting & looking at books when jude is looking at one. ;) loves his big brother.
*when i tell sammy something he usually responds w, "oh... yes". he says it when he's excited about something too.
*sammy get's soooo excited when he puts something together. 
he exclaims, "DID IT!!!"
*amos has finally learned how to be gentle with books. he doesn't rip up every one he gets his hands on. yay!
*amos has started singing to himself while he's playing. 
i wonder what songs he sings. :)
just got some tape in the mail from this lovely place!
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lb said...

i love them all but the picture of sammy & amos on bottom right is incredible. their faces!!!!

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