July 13, 2012

lately grams

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1) my husband is a master breakfast chef. 2) my big sister visited from nyc. loved every second. 3) dinner out w my sister & sister-in-law for some girl time. 4) park on a super hot day. amos doesn't look impressed at all. 5-8) national cherry festival! so fun! 9) jude wanted a picture w these guys. 9-13) street performers in holland, mi for our weekly family night. 14) my new favorite spot.
funny/favorite/current things...
*jude cracks me up with the things he says & asks. lately when he eats something he really enjoys he gets really excited & hugs me & says, "thank you so much mommy. how you make this?!" hilarious!!!
*also, when i tell him what we're about to do he says, "that's a good idea, mommy". or if he tells me something we should do he asks, "is that a good idea, mommy??" who is this crazy/silly/grown up little man?!!!!
*sammy's raspy voice trying to repeat everything we say, his silly/dramatic faces & his embarrassed face when he knows he's being cute.
*amos will tackle me if i'm just getting on the floor to clean up toys. he thinks mommy or daddy on the floor=time to wrestle. & he cracks up laughing the whole time he's doing it. 
*this season with my dear dear husband. I ADORE HIM MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!
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Abigail said...

beautiful photots!

Nicole said...

little snippets are the BEST!

The Runyans said...

we were friends on facebook. jessica runyan!! i deleted my account. you were the most helpful person. . and posted some awesome things on there. we are number 3 on the waitlist now. i'm getting scared.

would you have an email address that i could email you a few questions?? mine is runyanjess@yahoo.com

thank you so so much!!!

jess :)

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