July 5, 2012

because he loves me

(embracing the camera here)
"and they were lovely because he loved them." 
-sally lloyd-jones

so sally was talking about creation in the Jesus storybook bible & 
how all of creation was beautiful just because of God's love for them. 
& that is true of us. 
but i was thinking about how beautiful my michael makes me feel. 
everyone in the world could tell me i was beautiful,
but no one makes me feel the way he does.
i feel gorgeous when he looks at me the way he does. 
(obviously, i find my worth in the Lord, not in what my husband thinks about me. :))
you can just tell when a woman feels loved & beautiful & cherished & respected.
it's so sad that so many women don't have the joy of this kind of love.
thank You, Father!
i am lovely because he loves me.

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Brandi said...

Lovely! Such a cute picture. A happy marriage really is a wonderful blessing.

annalee said...

i love that storybook bible and this sweet pic too!

Nicole said...

SO true! The other day I was feeling like I looked pretty rough and my husband made an out of the blue comment about how great he thought I looked and it totally changed my day. Knowing he supports me and thinks I am of high value gives me confidence to be who I really am!

Elle Jane said...

So sweet and true. Love is what the Gospel of Christ is all about and the family is where is all blossoms!

erica said...

Al! So good to have you back. Enjoying the pics of Amos! He's precious. Praying the transition is a smooth one. And, love this pic of you and your man. what a difference a godly man and marriage make!

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