June 28, 2012

i'm here, i'm here!

hi hi hi dear friends!
oh goodness i've missed blogging! so life-giving to me & helps me work through what i'm going through as i share it with u. :) i've been dying to get on here & write some things, but have had zero time with returning from uganda, packing our house up, saying "bye" to friends & moving up north.
so here we are... living in the middle of craziness. well not as much crazy anymore because all the "moving" is behind us (for now). but wow, i've felt like i'm going to go crazy sometimes. with all the change it's been very hard to make time with the Lord... what i'm learning/STILL learning...
I CANNOT DO ANY OF THIS WITHOUT HIM!!!! i'm in such desperate need of Him.
i am so type A. i make lists & i plan & i try to prepare for change.
but i just need Him!
we have more changes coming up for our family (i'll talk more about that later) & i just feel overwhelmed thinking about how to best prepare & set our family up to "do well" during this new season. i just picture myself in a crazy mess. writing tons of lists. food on my face. hair a mess. just STRESSED. running around trying to make things go smoothly.
...IT'S NOT UP TO ME! how anything goes really. everything is in His hands. our children are His. we are His. this new season is already perfectly planned out by Him. we, as parents, do our best with what He leads us to do. but how it unfolds is up to Him.
"in quietness & in trust shall be your strength." isaiah 30:15

give me quietness & trust Lord! trusting You will be my strength.
we are still unpacking & i currently cannot get to all my pictures from uganda. :-/
so until then... enjoy this gorgeous song!!!!!!!

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