May 29, 2012

we're (finally) going home!

we're bringing our amos home!!! it's been a long long road & we are so ready to be home (for 2 weeks before we move ;) )! pray for lots of grace for our little family as we have a very long trip home!

while in africa... we've had a lot of fun experiences & quality time as a family, we've eaten way too many carbs & sugar, we've cried some, we've laughed a lot, we've sweated a whole bucket full (maybe more. sorry that's a little gross), we've enjoyed meeting new friends, we've learned to spit in the shower to keep from swallowing any of the water, we've played in puddles, we've done a lot of new things, we've been stretched beyond what is comfortable to us, we've longed to be comfortable, we've learned to cope in stressful situations, we've been sick, we've (well some of us) ridden boda bodas. we've been eaten up by mosquitos, we've resorted to letting the boys watch the iPad at meals to keep them still (& therefore become horrible parents), we've eaten doritos for breakfast, we've had way too much fanta, we've changed soooo many dirty diapers, 
we've been SANCTIFIED!

the Lord is so good to us! He's so faithful! we look forward to what the Lord has next for our family & we rejoice in what He's done during our time in africa. we will cherish these memories!

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Maalai said...

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Jessea Knight said...

I just love this post! So glad you all made it through! What an amazing family :)

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