May 4, 2012

vegan (!!) banana bread (guest post)

this is britney from mike+ brit and so happy to drop in to al's blog tonight to share a little banana bread recipe with you guys while al and her family are away in uganda picking up their little man, amos!! (wow, that was a loooong sentence.)  anyway, on to some banana bread, yes?

i figure if you love al's blog (which i do! i do! i do!) then you might be someone who is somewhat interested in healthy eating that doesn't include meat and dairy products.  yes? maybe? maybe not?
well, my husband and i actually aren't meat and dairy free folks, but we love this banana bread recipe.  its super dense (so don't think you messed up!), and really filling, and just lovely.  
here it is:
hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

and if you can remember, pray for al and mike and jude and sammy and dear amos in uganda!!
xoxo, brit

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