May 8, 2012

brunch w dear friends

we had some of our dearest friends over for a "before life gets really crazy & then we leave town" brunch a few weeks ago. ahhhh, i love hosting parties. & ahhhh, i'm going to miss these people!
IMG_3049 IMG_3052 IMG_3071 IMG_3059 
sweet sweet sweet sweet friends!!!!!!!!! our children have grown up with these beautiful children! i know our boys will miss them! i think jude will be sad & feel like something's missing, but not really understand what.
these kiddos will be missing. :(
IMG_3058 IMG_3073 IMG_3074 
sammy & owen have become cute buddies. i wish they could be friends forever! ;)
little red headed titus.
wes & kelsey
jared & steph
don & megan
soooooo grateful for these beautiful people in our lives. could not have asked for sweeter friends during this season of our lives.
thank You Lord!

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Jess Judkins said...

what a beautiful brunch, your so blessed to have such a good knit of friends

Kelly-Marie said...

Hehehe I'd have to sit at the kids table because they look like they are the cool kids of you bunch :D

Kelly Ann said...

Love seeing all of you together in these pictures! Your kids are all adorable and their smiles are beautiful!

photo:britt said...

I love the way your beautiful photos captured your brunch! Looks like you had a blessed time. <3 It's always hard to leave good friends behind.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

just found your blog and wanted to say how much I love it! Beautiful photography! xo

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