April 11, 2012

we're ready to fill that seat

amos is coming! this time next week i will be running around like crazy because we'll be leaving in 1 day. 
oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goooooooooodnessssss!
i was just thinking about his sweet little face & how much i just want to love on him & make him part of our bunch. sooooooooooon!!!!
we are so grateful that the Lord has chosen us to welcome him into our home. 
through this whole process i think i've felt the way daddies do when they're waiting for their baby to be born. like it's not really happening until you see that sweet baby's face. i cannot imagine the emotions we will all feel when we see him for the first time & hold him & play with him & hear his little voice!!!!
ahhhhhhhhh!!! can we get on the plane this very second?!!!! 
ok, just a week... i better go get busy!

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Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

Congratulations! This post made me smile. I'm so excited for you and your family!

allison barker said...

thanks julie!

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