April 12, 2012

used up for Him

(embracing the camera here)
(jude's making a funny face, he's not mad :))

yesterday was a difficult day with these sweet little boys. i found myself getting quickly angry with them & raising my voice. really it's because i was taking it personally that they were disobeying me instead of being grieved by their sin against the Lord. i was reminded last night that i need to see those moments as a rescue mission to discipline them & restore them to the Lord. 

all i have is the Lord's. my home, my children, my body, my wisdom, my giftings... all to be used up for the glory of the Lord. gosh i can be so selfish! humble me Lord & in the moments that i'm sooo annoyed that my boys aren't listening to ME remind me that it is You alone who deserves the glory & all my efforts!


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Marisha said...

I can so relate to this! I have come to similar conclusions. It's the same thing in our other relationships...are we genuinely concerned for people and their relationship with the Lord? Or are we too busy being offended by how they treat us? God has been working in my heart in this way as well. (BTW...I love that yellow porch swing!)

Mommy Girl said...

so so so very true. Sounds like you've been reading Sheperding A Child's Heart?

Traci said...

Your photos are always so beautiful and Jude's face is priceless =)

Emily Kate said...

Love your honesty and as the momma of two boys I know exactly where you're coming from! Adorable lil family you have!

Brit said...

Thank you for that reminder. I am really liking it here :) Newest follower. Super cute boys BTW. Love the "funny" face. Have a great night and a fabulous Friday.

allison barker said...

God is faithful. thank u for reading!

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