April 10, 2012


our family has a lot happening right now! i feel quiet overwhelmed & a little anxious about everything. we are going to get our sweet amos from uganda in the next few weeks & then we're moving up north. i'm feeling sad about leaving memphis & all mike & i have known as a couple & all our boys have ever known. the Lord has done A LOT during our time here & we've been through so so much! we will miss our dear friends who have stood with us through trials & sadness & they've rejoiced with us in sweet seasons. the Lord has sanctified us & made us more like Him. i'm soooo grateful i'm not who i was when we moved here. :) i just don't want to get caught up in the craziness of this time & forget to enjoy these last weeks here with our friends & sweet boys. i know all this change will be hard for our boys & i want them to feel secure in our love & always point them to the Lord. i want them to know that though everything around us changes our God NEVER changes!
i know our God is faithful & He will sustain us. this season will be sweet if i choose to let it be. memphis has been home to the beginning of our family & we rejoice in all He's done.

check up on the north & west.

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