April 4, 2012

my dear mommy

my mom past away from brain cancer 4 years ago today. sometimes i feel like i can't handle how much i miss her. i think about her often & wish she was here to be grandmom to our little boys. i wish i could pick up the phone & call her whenever i like. a few nights ago i was overwhelmed with sadness & i wept for about 10 mins over my beautiful mom. michael held me & he cried too. i weep for my self & how i wish she was still on this earth to go through life with me, i do not weep for her because she is before our Savior at this very moment, free from all pain & sin & the cares of this crazy world. i long for the day when i can run & hug her & laugh with her & worship our Father with her. she was an amazing worshipper even on this earth, i cannot WAIT to stand beside her & hear her sing His praises for eternity!  
here are a few pictures of sweet moments with my mom on our wedding day. i rejoice that i have these memories & that she could be apart of our wedding. thank you gracious Father!
DSC_0365 DSC_0369 DSC_0382 DSC_0371
(embracing the camera here)

i am so grateful for a mother who set a beautiful example of a mom & wife & lover of the Lord. i pray i can carry on her legacy with my children & strive even more to be like Christ.
i miss my mommy & how she would just let me hug on her all day. i miss her hands & how she played with my hair. i miss her joy & i miss how she encouraged me & pushed me toward the Lord.

i call her blessed.

this picture was taken a few days before she passed away. thank You Lord that she is free from pain. i rejoice that even in her pain she said, "yet, i will praise the Lord".

james taylor was her favorite. i listen to him often & think of her. :)

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Jess Judkins said...

my heart goes out to you, I pray that the Lord is super close to your heart tonight

camryn zamora said...

beautifully written al! Thank you so much for sharing. I cannot imagine the depths of your loss. Thank you for remaining an example of how to glorify God in the midst of suffering! Your husband and children definitely rise and call you blessed!

Love you friend.


Amber said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I pray that Jesus comforts you today. :)

lb said...

she is so beautiful.

i will never forget as long as i live how much yall praised Him and trusted Him. your sweet hearts and faithfulness were a beautiful testimony.

grieving with you, but rejoicing with her.

Jacci said...

"precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."

I'll pray for you. Right now. I'll also praise Him for your testimony of His faithfulness and for the sweet spirit He has given you.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

adrienne said...

Ali, you have responded so beautifully to some of life's greatest and most painful trials that have come your way at such a young age! You are such an inspiration and I truly mourn with you. All glory to Him that sustains. Love to you!

Kristine Foley @ TheFoleyFam said...

SO beautifully written. My heart aches for you, I can't even imagine. Hugs to you.

photo:britt said...

I am so sorry for your loss. This post is so touching. I can't imagine going through the sorrow of losing your mom. Saying an extra prayer for you. <3

allison barker said...

thank u friends! all glory to the Lord!

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