April 6, 2012

i felt so small

mike & i flew to nyc this past weekend...

i had this in my ears.
we were floating somewhere above pennsylvania & i looked out the window...
it was so dark. all i could see was the moon, it was sooo bright, & all the stars burning in the sky.
we were soaring over a sea of white fluffy clouds. seriously i couldn't see anything below the white ocean. i looked out across the vast darkness & saw other planes floating along. i thought about how those planes were filled with people... people going about their lives. flying from here to there. busy people. hurting people. people that are loved by the very Creator of this beauty that we were flying through. 
our little plane, the many thousands of little planes that were flying through the skies at that moment, filled with hundreds of thousands of people. 

i felt so small.

& yet so loved & so honored & so grateful for His great love for me, for us, for this world that doesn't even take a look out the window to see how great He is. we are surrounded by His awesome creation.
i pray that the lost & the saved of this globe would "look out the window" & be struck with awe. & they would be wooed by our loving Father. 

He is so amazing!


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lb said...

i love this. His work speaks volumes about His heart! i always feel this way on planes and i try not to sleep so i can enjoy it.

allison barker said...


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