March 10, 2012

popcorn snack


super easy to make & low in calories. 

>heat a couple Tbs of coconut oil in a saucepan over med high heat & add 3 kernels
>once the 3 kernels have popped you know the oil is hot enough
>add 1/3 c kernels, put the lid on & shake the pot over the stove continually
>wait till the popping has slowed then pour in a bowl & season
>the picture on the left is cinnamon
>the picture on the right is nutritional yeast (tastes cheesy)

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Kelli Diane said...

Just found you from Mike+Britt! I am our newest follower :) Also I LOVE popcorn! Stop over and say hi sometime,

allison barker said...

thanks so much kelli!!

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