March 20, 2012


some of my sweet friends & myself are starting a biweekly feature.
we're sharing pictures from the cities we live in & 
a few things the Lord is doing in us in whatever season He has us in.
britney is from canada (north)
tiffany is from cali (west)
& i'm from tennessee (south)

IMG_2415 IMG_2413 IMG_2417
life is so fragile isn't it? i think about this often. when i look at my sweet little boys' faces, or when there's a crazy driver in front of me in traffic. we have no idea what the Lord has for us, but He is good & sovereign & over all things. being faithful & soaking up every minute of what He has for us is all we can do. :)

see what's happening in the north & west.

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tiffany @ seetheskyline said...

i love his sweet little outfit.

britney said...

your boys are sooo cute!!! i love pine treeeeees!!

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