March 8, 2012

my hope is built on nothing less...

than Jesus' blood & righteousness.
IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2402 IMG_2401
(we're embracing the camera here.)

how the Lord has blessed me.
*my salvation
*a loving husband
*2 sweet/funny little boys
*1 adorable little boy on the way from uganda 
(Lord bring amos home soon!!!)
*wonderful family
*amazing friends
*a beautiful home

so many days i put my hope & happiness in these things. 
for example... yesterday i had a VERY productive day. 
*had my quiet time
*did circle time with the boys
*cleaned the house
*met for accountability with my dearest friends
*fed the boys lunch & put them down for naps
*ate lunch & worked out 
*started a new book
*made granola bars, granola, bread, healthy donuts & a quiche for our small group
*did some laundry & cleaned up all the dishes in the midst of all this
(this is not a normal day, just to be clear.)

being the type A/list keeper that i am... THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD! even just writing it all out feels good. to see my accomplishments. :) (it definitely gives me life.) 
& when i don't accomplish ANYTHING AT ALL it shouldn't mean that i've somehow wasted my day. the Lord is pleased in whatever i "get done", & i'm doing it for His glory anyway. 
my joy should be unwavering, because He is unwavering & He is my joy.

Father, teach my heart to be satisfied in you always so when my 
circumstances are less than satisfying i still rejoice & hope in You.

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Jackie said...

Great pictures! I like your husband's glasses! :)

allison barker said...

thanks jackie!

Heather said...

For reals, that is one beautiful fam. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

Jessica said...

love this! it's how i feel so often. great pictures.

Mommy Girl said...

love these photos and what great words

allison barker said...

thanks ladies! glad you stopped by. :)

The Popes said...

I'm in LOVE with this set of pictures! What a treasure!

allison barker said...

thanks so much. :)

britney said...

such a good post al. made me think of this quote mike texted me the other day. (my mike) "the hard work of christian growth is not what you think it is- your personal improvement and moral progress. the hard work is washing your hands of you and resting in Christ's finished work for you, which will inevitably produce personal improvement and moral growth. christian growth is forgetting about yourself!" -t. tchividjian who wrote jesus+nothing=everything. sorry that was long, but i loved it!!!!

britney said...

ps. your hair is incredible!!!!

tiffany @ seetheskyline said...

do you use actions on your photos? if so which one.

PS love this post. i am the same way. uhhh, that my hope and confidence would remain on Christ's work and not my own success as a mother/wife/human!

allison barker said...

thanks brit! that's so so good! i want to read that book now. :)

allison barker said...

i do tiffany. it's from i'll have to find it. :) i use lightroom for editing. what do u use?

Nicole said...

fell in love with your heart after the first post i read. just joined your site and following you on bloglovin. i pray amos will be home soon :)

Jessica said...

Gorgeous family!

allison barker said...

thanks nicole & jessica! :)

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