March 24, 2012

meal time=quality time

some of our sweetest times of quality time are meal times! 
no phones at the table to distract mommy & daddy. 
talking to our boys & asking them questions. 
this is a sweet time to sit with them, look in their eyes & enjoy being together.
we've started telling jude he needs to stay at the table for a little while with the rest of the family, even if he's done eating. we want our boys to see meal time as more than just eating, it's fellowship.

what kinds of things do you do with your family to make meal time special?

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erica said...

we eat together. all of us. we share the best and worst part of our day - each one of us. and lately, we've been lighting candles at the table. our two little girls love this new ritual. we require our oldest to remain at the table with us too, even if she's finished eating. you're right - it's fellowship!

Two Happy Hearts said...

Adorable little blog you have here! I found you through See the Skyline. Happy to be your newest follower - you have an adorable family!

allison barker said...

:) thanks so much!

Jess Judkins said...

Your boys are adorable! Meal time is always fun for us because Judah is now able to enjoy more of what we eat and its funny watching him eat and his facial expressions :-)

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