March 6, 2012

home date


my guy & i have date night every monday night. we don't go out every monday because we can't always find a babysitter & it just gets expensive. :) so we opt for home dates some weeks. last week we enjoyed brownies, berries & tea & read this book together. (yes, it's a book on homeschooling, but we're parents to 3 little boys so we've got to figure this stuff out. ;) ) 




i love sitting with this man & enjoying really simple things. 
sweet cherished moments.


what's your favorite thing to do for date night?

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kaela said...

hi allison! i recently stumbled across your blog, and i so look forward to reading about your parenting and your outlook on life. what you write, and how you write about Jesus is so encouraging, and has really hit home with me lately. i appreciate what you're doing. thank you. :)

allison barker said...

thanks kaela! i'm glad you found me & we can be mommies figuring things out together. :)

britney said...

we have stay-in dates often!!! :) its just good to be together!!

kaela said...

:) I'd love that

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