March 17, 2012

dinner on the front porch

i love blessing my family by being creative for them. having dinner on the front porch may sound really simple, & it is, but it brings me joy & life because i get to be creative & my family seems to enjoy it. ;)
it took me about 15 mins (+ dinner cooking time) to set everything up,
with the help of my sweet husband. 
>i grabbed a card table & chairs
>pulled a sheet out to be a tablecloth
>cut a few flowers & put them in water
>lit a candle 
>served our dinner
>& enjoyed time with my fellas (ahhh, they're great!)
IMG_2358 IMG_2346 IMG_2359 IMG_2354IMG_2363

what are some fun/simple things you do with your family??

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britney said...

i can't waaaait for warmer weather!!!

Marisha said...

I love this idea!

Leah Bud said...

I love doing stuff like this :)) It is such a pleasant time of year for porch dinners :)

erica said...

just started following your blog and you are one of my new fav's! warmer weather has arrived for us, as well. stopped raining long enough for us to do the same last night on our back porch. brought some candles outside and clipped a few bright red hibiscus flowers for the table.

good times!

allison barker said...

thanks erica!!! :)

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