February 10, 2012

taco salad


pretty simple & pretty yummy!

for the black beans i just use a can of beans (drain & rinse) & add a little water, salt, pepper, garlic powder & cayenne & heat.
here's my guacamole recipe.

what are some of your favorite/easy salad recipes?



Crystal said...

I love a good spinach/fruit salad!
Spinach, fresh strawberries, green apples, nuts ( walnuts, almonds or pecans) balsamic vinegar, olive oil. Suppose this is more of a summer yum salad but still, bring the summer to your winter! :)

allison barker said...


Crystal said...

Also, I love all your post! I love reading everything. Any blog tips? How did you make your own button? I am gonna add you on my blog too! :)

allison barker said...

i didn't even know u had a blog!!! what is it??
thanks for all your encouragement!
just do what u enjoy doing. blogging give me so much life! :)

Crystal said...

yes I just started one, I really enjoy it too!!! :)
here it is! How did you make your own button? been trying to figure that out haha.


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