February 9, 2012



this soup recipe is incredible! probably the best veggie soup i've ever had! it's a lot of chopping, but so worth it! & it makes a ton... so i froze some for later! it's from this cookbook.

veggie soup:
*1/4 c olive oil (i used coconut)
*4-6 Tbs minced garlic
*1 yellow onion, chopped
*1 sweet onion, chopped
*4-6 stalks celery, sliced
*2 medium carrots, sliced
*1 head cabbage, shredded
*2 medium zucchini, cut into 1/4-inch chunks
*1 c leek, finely sliced
*1 c fennel, finely sliced
*2 tomatoes, chopped
*1 lb fresh green beans
*4-6 c vegetable broth
*Sea salt & ground black pepper to taste
*1 28 oz can whole tomatoes (do not drain)
*1 can pinto beans, washed & drained

>in a large pot over high heat, heat the oil. add the garlic, onions, celery, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, leek, fennel, tomatoes, & green beans. sauté until veggies are tender.
>add the vegetable broth, 2 cups water, salt, & pepper & bring to a boil.
>add the can of tomatoes (with the liquid) & pinto beans. reduce heat to low & cover & simmer 25-30 minutes. taste to determine if additional salt & pepper are needed before serving.


here are a couple photos of sammy & me enjoying our veggie soup. :)




these little posters are super sweet. maybe i'll win! ;)


That Fresh Feeling said...

yum! thanks so much for sharing. going to make it soon!!!

Jess Judkins said...

awe such cute pictures of you both :-)
My son Judah loves to try to feed me :-)

tiffany @ seetheskyline said...

don't you just LOVE when they share? :)

allison barker said...

thanks ladies!!!

emily anderson said...

i LOVE that last picture of you two.

it's so sweet.

allison barker said...

thanks emily!

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