February 23, 2012

routine is GOOD


my sweet jude & a blessed mommy. 
(embracing the camera here.)


i am a mommy who needs routine, to say the least, i just thrive in it. jude is a lot like me in this. ever since he was a baby he needed routine. it's a good & a bad thing for me, because when things don't go as i had planned it throws me off & it's hard for me to adjust. but by the grace of our good God, i am learning. :) mike & i just recently sat down & came up with a new weekly routine for our family. with little ones our routine changes a lot! here's our new "plan" (i'm just accepting it now that things will happen & all this won't happen every week. ;))

>monday- date night
>tuesday- family purpose night 
(mike & i sit down after the boys are in 
bed & talk about our family. 
where we are, where we want to be, etc.)
>wednesday- small group
>thursday- family night
>friday & saturday- date nights with the boys 
or have friends over for dinner
>sunday- family time/relax/watch tv ;)

>in the mornings mike watches the boys so i can have my quiet time. 
(my husband blesses me A LOT!)
>circle time with the boys. about 15 mins of catechisms, scripture memorization, 
songs & finger play, prayer. (a great way to start our day together!)
>i work on developmental stuff with the boys. we use this amazing book!
>nothing else planned in the mornings so the boys can have my attention.
>a couple outings a week in the mornings.
>mike & i workout while the boys nap.
>family worship before bed.
>the boys now share a room so at bedtime we put sammy down first 
& while he falls asleep mike & i get alone time with jude. 
we usually read to him. this boy LOVE books!
>family breakfast on saturdays!



at times i feel overwhelmed wondering if we're doing the best things for our boys. 
praise the Lord that He leads us & ultimately He is in control of their lives.
Lord, teach us to be faithful with this amazing ministry of raising our children!


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tasha said...

those photos are beautiful. i became much more routined after having kids. now, i kind of go crazy if i don't have one. ;)

Bekah said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful family!

Im learning how important routines are, and how important the RIGHT routines are. My oldest is two, and just recently he started to remember to say his own prayers at certain times of the day, and it made my heart so happy!

Très bien said...

I am totally a routine person as well! I love your routine and how Jesus time and marriage/family time are priority.
I found you via "embrace the camera" which is so funny because we must know the same people! Brit and Tiff! [I saw their buttons in your side bar!]
Nice to "meet" you :]
Très bien

Lisa said...

I have 3 kids and don't have much of a routine. I really think it would benefit our family. Thanks for sharing. Your kids sure are cute :) (I'm #39 for today's Embrace the Camera.)

Hespyhesp said...

beautiful photos! i'm totally a routine person as well, and I think kids thrive in that kind of environment anyway!

Traci said...

Beautiful photos. We thrive on routine in this house too but you're right, with kiddos it doesn't always work out routinely ;)

emily anderson said...

oh.mah.gosh. are y'all adorable, or WHAT?!

allison barker said...

thanks ladies! :)

tiffany @ seetheskyline said...



thank you.

Wendy said...

Beautiful picture! Good luck with the routine ~ I totally hear you. If things don't go as planned, I can definitely get thrown for a loop. There is always something to work on :)

lesley said...

love the pictures and your kale chips above, delicious!

christiems said...

Hey, this is Christie Sheats (formerly Snyder), your fellow Green hall resident from way back when :). I started following your blog recently, and have been enjoying it! Anyway, quick question...how do you fit in cooking and mealtimes with your routine? I feel like I spend all day cooking and cleaning up after eating, and then with naps and everything I don't get a lot of time with my boys (they're about the same ages as yours, I think - 3 and 1). Any tips?

allison barker said...

thanks friends!

hey christie!!!
for meals... there was a season when i cooked during naps so i wasn't wasting all my time in the kitchen when they were awake. now i can cook in the evenings because mike is home & can hangout with them while i cook. another idea... u could make some stuff & freeze it for meals later so you're not cooking every night.
hope that helps. :)

christiems said...

Thanks for the tips! Do your kids actually nap at the same time? My don't anymore...makes it quite difficult to get anything done in a day!

allison barker said...

hey again,
sorry i'm just now responding to this. :) yes, they do take naps at the same time. i slowly adjusted their naps so now they sleep at the same time. :)

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