February 18, 2012

oh goodness



"great is the Lord, & greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable." 
ps 145:3

how good my Father is to me that He has given me this sweet/loving man to show me His love for the church. i have never known forgiveness & 
grace on this earth the way i have through this man. 
i rejoice in my Lord everyday. He has been sooo good to me! 

Father, keep my heart set on things that please You. 
things that are not about the hurriedness & complication of this world. 
keep my heart quiet & simple & in love with You & grateful for 
all You've done for me.
may my eyes see the humble things. 
the things that often go unnoticed. 
the things that are from Your hand.
thank You for the blessing of romantic love that points to You.
thank You for the awesome responsibility & joy of children.
i am blessed & i am grateful. 
You are greatly to be praised!


1 comment:

b.jo said...

Hey! Got the new button! How in the world is your hair so shiny and beautiful?? Looks amazing.
I am well! Happy to have found your sweet blog!

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