February 2, 2012

a few thoughts on juicing


>great documentary about juicing

>juicing is one of the fastest & easiest ways to lose weight & detox

>it takes a lot of denying the flesh (especially when you are making food for the rest of your family ;) )

>be prepared to be hungry & moody the first couple days... your body will be detoxing & adjusting to less in your stomach

>the point of juicing is NOT to starve yourself... drink as much juice as you want, whenever you want it! (i pretty much had a glass in hand all day long)

>drink tons of water

>here are some juice recipes & tips

>if you are starting a workout program as well... start it a few weeks before you start a juice fast

>when you go off a juice fast... stick with light soups & salads & continue juicing or making smoothies... this will help your body adjust to solid foods again

>my guy & i are going to do a 2 week juice fast twice a year, keep our bodies on track


in other news, my sweet friend britney asked me to guest post on her blog.
her blog is one of my favorites. :) thanks britney!

have a wonderful evening!

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Kim said...


I'm Britney's mom and I wanted to stop by and say HI. I love you blog and you have the sweetest family...your boys are GORGEOUS. I am so excited that you are #1 on the list....I can't wait to see your newest addition in your arms! I know the wait can be tough but you are so right, it's all is God's perfect timing. I'll be putting you in my favorite blogs folder so I can keep a check on you. :-)


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