February 20, 2012

countin' the ole calories


mike & i have been really serious about getting in shape lately...
>we started rev abs over a month ago & we're loving it! i NEVER thought i'd enjoy working out, but once i got over working all the lactic acid out of my muscles & being achy all day... i started feeling sooo good!
>we did a 2 week juice fast a few weeks ago.
>we cut out processed sugar (with a little splurge here & there).
>we cut out coffee (we had only been drinking decaf for years, but we just cut it out all together). I'M LOVING HOT TEA!!!
>& my favorite new thing... we're counting calories! it may sound daunting, but it's actually quite enjoyable for me. i love keeping track of what i'm eating & when i workout i get to add calories... so it's like a reward for working out. ;) we use this amazing app. it does all the work for us!!! you can tell it how much weight you want to lose, if you want to maintain your weight or gain weight & when you want to accomplish it by & it will calculate how many calories you should eat everyday to reach your goal. so great! 
  -i would say one thing about counting calories... you have to make sure you're eating good whole foods. just because something is low in calories doesn't mean it's good for you. also, if you have a bunch of calories left at the end of the day don't eat something just because you can. & don't eat something bad for you just because you have enough calories. ;)

what are some of your favorite health/weight loss/workout helpers??

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Becca S. said...

My favorite ways of maintaining my weight are #1 knowing my basic metabolic rate, or BMR. Its how may calories you burn if you just sat on the couch all day and didn't move- what your body requires to simply live. Then I just eat around that many calories a day, plus a few hundred just for energy. I actually don't count calories though, I just estimate and know if I'm eating whole foods, then it doesn't matter if there are a few extra calories in there of good stuff. :)

#2 Also my "secret weapon" is just using smaller dinner plates (like a salad plate size) so I can still fill up my plate and it looks nice and full, but the portions are a good size instead of huge like they'd be if I filled up a regular dinner sized plate.

I don't think you need to lost weight at all, Al- you look great! I totally agree with being healthy though, and taking steps to maintain and improve health. :)

Becca S. said...

oops, I mean lose weight, lol :)

allison barker said...

that's great becca.
thanks for your sweet words. i just want to lose the last little bit of baby weight. :)

Becca Swan said...

TOTALLY understand. :)

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