February 24, 2012

the barker super bowl party


our family loves having friends over & making yummy food for them... 
but sometimes you just gotta spend time as a family. we have fun doing different/creative stuff as a family... so for the super bowl we made some vegan "junk" food & stayed home & watched the game together. my husband is amazing at helping me cook & we have so much fun cooking together! 

here's what we had... (it was delicious by the way!)

tempeh hot wings!!!!!!!!!!!

kale chips (i just put salt & garlic powder on them)

roasted sweet potato skins!!!!!! (oh my goodness gracious these are amazing!)
i save the inside of the sweet potatoes to make these!

vegan queso

raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough bites mmmmm

i've got to make this stuff again soon! ;)
what are some of your favorite "healthy" junk foods?

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