January 12, 2012

sage tea


so our family goes to this delicious moroccan restaurant called casa blanca. YUM! they have the best tea, you can get it hot or cold. we bought some of the dried sage last time we were there & the owner told us how to make it. here's how...
*boil 1 gal of water with fresh ginger (buy a piece of ginger root about as big as your finger & take the skin off) for 14 mins
*then add & boil 1tsp of the sage tea for 1 min
*put the tea in the fridge for about 30 mins
*take the tea out of the fridge & remove the tea & ginger. add about 1/2c-3/4c honey (to taste)
*put the tea back in the fridge for a couple hours
*take the tea out & add the juice of a lime



britney said...

sounds so goooood. i pinned it. :)

allison barker said...

yay! thanks! :)

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