January 18, 2012

i know... but i'm crazy about them

i know most of my posts are about my little boys... but i adore them so so much! 
& they're just so incredibly cute!!!!

they are so much joy to michael & me. i'm savoring these years. 
i've got to read this book soon.


Kayci said...

They are cute! I don't blame you! You are a gifted photographer and they are perfect subjects. I just read that book last week and blogged a little review here:

Bethany said...

I have recently read that book as well....GREAT read. We are going though it in a young mothers bible study I am in and it has been so encouraging for all of us. Highly recommend!! Also, I'm excited about your being number one on the waiting list!! Hoping God moves mightily upon your behalf. Love you alli!

allison barker said...

thanks ladies

britney said...

our pastor's wife recommended that book to me...and she even said it would be good before we had babies.
and yes--they are so sooo cute!!

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